Off topic post (Phone camera comparisons)

My friend (Kai Yi) and I were curious about the capabilities of the modern day phone cameras and we decided to do some field testing.

Phones used: Google Pixel 2 XL, Samsung S9+, iPhone X and iPhone SE.

We concluded that for low lighting conditions, the Pixel 2 XL blows the other 3 phones out of the water, but the AI processing capability can be a tad too aggressive at times. For the Samsung S9, I personally didn't quite like the artificial sharpening of edges and the turned up saturation of the colours, but the images sure make for a good Instagram machine.On my end, both the iPhones didn't fare as well in low lighting conditions but the colours were more natural than the other 2 phones. ''

Ultimately though, it really depends on what application the user might put their phones through and how invested are they into the Android/iOS ecosystem before one can make the purchase decision. 

Default settings were used (no post work done in Photoshop too) and we hope you guys enjoy this unscientific test!