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2 Years of VR!

Time flies! It’s been around 2 years (5 years since I got this domain wow!) since I started sculpting with Oculus Medium. I was talking a colleague awhile back, and he mentioned the ‘simplicity’ of the older dioramas seemed to have gotten lost as the program got more advanced.

So for this sculpt, I’ve decided to minimise the layer usage and went more with instinct. Hope you guys enjoyed the end result!

Work processes can also be found on my Instagram channel

A small RTS diorama!

Got a bit stuck while attempting to design the scene in VR and decided to paint it up instead!

robots, sketchHo Yan Hao
Yet another hangar!

Been trying to push the complexity of the scenes, but quite close to hitting the layer limits.

Some mild paintovers in the above renders, adding scratches /vignetting stuff.

Blender 2.8 experiment

Trying to get the hang of the default hotkeys in blender 2.8, also made a small scene to help reinforce the learning! The scene has a mixture of free models + low poly models that I did myself. Still could use some work on the materials though.

sketch, studiesHo Yan Hao
Table sketch

2 days sketch of my table in between work.

studies, sketchHo Yan Hao

Been doing lineart based stuff recently, here's a really rough painting to get back into the zone. Trying to take note of areas of contrast (entertaining the eye, as Craig said).

Inspired by jparked for the image.

sketch, studiesHo Yan Hao