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Blender 2.8 experiment

Trying to get the hang of the default hotkeys in blender 2.8, also made a small scene to help reinforce the learning! The scene has a mixture of free models + low poly models that I did myself. Still could use some work on the materials though.

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This week's experiment

Trying to imitate the World War 2 photography look!

Sculpted the tanks + ground in Oculus Medium, rendered in Keyshot and Photoshop'ed the rest.

Retrospective on 2017’s second half.

It’s been around 5 months since I started using Oculus Medium to create 3D sculpts and here are my thoughts on the process.

Coming from a drawing background, it just feels surreal to be drawing directly in 3D space. The ability to use your arm’s motion range (while standing) definitely leads to more naturalistic gestures. That was something I could not get to gripe with while using Zbrush previously.

On the 3D software end, I have started using more Blender (modeling and lighting) and Marmoset toolbag (mostly lighting) due to the low cost price. (Actually free for blender.) Blender’s GPU rendering function is something that I expect to be using more of in 2018, real time previews while adjusting render settings simply can’t be beat!

Combining the various softwares mentioned above has been seamless so far, and I also got Funbie studios to help print out my Krabby sculpt. There is a definitely a learning curve to be creating my own sculpt and printing it, will be planning on where the joints can be seperated, grouped together can printed seperately to cut down on the plastic supports needed which reduces print time.

That is the end of my first blog post of year and here are some pictures on how the Krabby model came about! (Sketch -> Oculus Medium Sculpt -> 3D printed by Funbie Studio)

Thanks for reading!


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Bedtime, just a little story idea I had in my head for awhile now. Sculpted in #oculusmedium  and rendered in #blendercycles. The original idea was mostly based around Mimikyu reading before bedtime, but I thought the story might work better if it was reading it to someone else.

Original sketches below!

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Table sketch

2 days sketch of my table in between work.

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VR cockpit

Trying to catch up with the VR stuff that Jama and Ken Fairclough have been putting out 

Added some glass panels by painting over the geometry!

vr sketch, studiesHo Yan Hao