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2 Years of VR!

Time flies! It’s been around 2 years (5 years since I got this domain wow!) since I started sculpting with Oculus Medium. I was talking a colleague awhile back, and he mentioned the ‘simplicity’ of the older dioramas seemed to have gotten lost as the program got more advanced.

So for this sculpt, I’ve decided to minimise the layer usage and went more with instinct. Hope you guys enjoyed the end result!

Work processes can also be found on my Instagram channel

Yet another hangar!

Been trying to push the complexity of the scenes, but quite close to hitting the layer limits.

Some mild paintovers in the above renders, adding scratches /vignetting stuff.

VR Retrospective


Hey there!

2019 has arrived and it is time for another blog post!

I would like to say that the VR tools that I’ve been using has definitely improved in its functionality in the recent months. Compared to a year ago, the diorama style sculpts I put out are a lot more complex (for better or for worse). There is still potential for UI/UX improvements in the VR tools realm, but what i’m really hoping for in 2019 are improved tracking (without the need for external sensors) and increased pixel resolution in the lenses.

For those people who are curious about how I work in VR, I have attached some process screenshots here, and hopefully it helps clear up any questions that you may have had.

1.  A ‘lineart’ type sketch which acts as a ‘cage’, to view the proportions and make changes from the 2D sketch if any.

2. Build up volume within the ‘cage’ with primary forms, toggle on/off the lineart when necessary. Changes in design are also made here too

3.  Repeat step 2 until the model is done! Make micro surface details by using the subtract function of the tool.

I have attached some screenshots and I hope they help!

This week's experiment

Trying to imitate the World War 2 photography look!

Sculpted the tanks + ground in Oculus Medium, rendered in Keyshot and Photoshop'ed the rest.


Bedtime, just a little story idea I had in my head for awhile now. Sculpted in #oculusmedium  and rendered in #blendercycles. The original idea was mostly based around Mimikyu reading before bedtime, but I thought the story might work better if it was reading it to someone else.

Original sketches below!

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vr sketch, studiesHo Yan Hao
VR cockpit

Trying to catch up with the VR stuff that Jama and Ken Fairclough have been putting out 

Added some glass panels by painting over the geometry!

vr sketch, studiesHo Yan Hao