Bedtime, just a little story idea I had in my head for awhile now. Sculpted in #oculusmedium  and rendered in #blendercycles. The original idea was mostly based around Mimikyu reading before bedtime, but I thought the story might work better if it was reading it to someone else.

Original sketches below!

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vr sketch, studiesHo Yan Hao
Table sketch

2 days sketch of my table in between work.

studies, sketchHo Yan Hao
VR cockpit

Trying to catch up with the VR stuff that Jama and Ken Fairclough have been putting out 

Added some glass panels by painting over the geometry!

vr sketch, studiesHo Yan Hao

Been doing lineart based stuff recently, here's a really rough painting to get back into the zone. Trying to take note of areas of contrast (entertaining the eye, as Craig said).

Inspired by jparked for the image.

sketch, studiesHo Yan Hao